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Unión de Selvicultores del Sur de Europa


It principally operates in five key areas:

1. The strengthening of the associative structures of forest ownership in Southern Europe through the development of international and trans-regional cooperation projects, the dissemination of information, and through the organisation of conferences, seminars and other events.

2. The strengthening of the organisation to maintain the visibility and influence of the group in a 28-country European Union and in an increasingly globalized world.

3. The promotion and diffusion of management of forests and of products, goods and services generated by the forests of Southern Europe.

4. Contribution to the definition of European and international forest policy, through positioning, representation and inter-sectoral dialogue in relevant international forums, offering the points of view and requests of Southern European forests in decision making forums: the European Union, FOREST EUROPE, United Nations, COFO-FAO, as well as through dialogue and cooperation with other organisations such as COPA-COGECA , ELO, CEPF, and more.

5. The generation and diffusion of knowledge which contributes to improved diagnosis of the state of the forestry sector, to furthering sustainable forestry management, and which streamlines the making of strategic decisions.