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USSE will participate in the next meeting of the 27 EU forestry directors under the Spanish presidency in Cadiz

13 / 10 / 2023

The USSE has been invited to participate in the next meeting of the 27 EU Forestry Directors to be held under the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union in mid-October.

These meetings are usually held twice a year and bring together forestry policy makers from each of the EU member states to discuss forestry-related legislation under discussion in the European institutions. At the next meeting, participants will be invited to discuss sustainable forest management and the conservation of multifunctional forests, and how to communicate the importance of these practices to society at large. The practical implementation of the Deforestation Regulation will also be part of the discussions.

As part of one of the working sessions, the USSE has been asked to make a presentation of success stories and best practices on the topic "Wood forest products in the EU Forestry Strategy: importance of wood management and conservation" and to participate in the subsequent one.

For Leire Salaberria, general director of the USSE, "this is an opportunity provided by the Spanish presidency to show the reality of forest ownership in southern Europe to the other European countries and the Commission present at the meeting".

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