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USSE participates in the design of FOREST EUROPE's future lines of work

08 / 03 / 2024

USSE works at the highest European level to ensure sustainable forest management. Part of this work was reflected last January in its participation in the annual Expert Level Meeting of FOREST EUROPE, where it had the opportunity to begin drafting with the group of professional experts the documents that the ministers responsible for forest policy from 46 countries will sign next October in Bonn (Germany).

FOREST EUROPE is the voluntary high-level pan-European process on this subject, formerly known as the Ministerial Conference on Pan-European Forests. This is the process which, at the 1992 Helsinki Ministerial Conference, led to the definition of sustainable forest management as we know it today.

The USSE has beenan observer organization of this process since its inception, in which non-EU countries such as Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine are also signatories.

Next steps

At present, the presidency of the process - which changes every four years - is held by Germany, whose mandate ends in 2024 with the Ministerial Conference to be held in October in Bonn to establish the project's future lines of work.

In the coming months, the content of the Bonn Ministerial Decision on "Sustainable Forest Management as a Tool to Increase Forest Resilience" and the Bonn Ministerial Declaration on "FOREST EUROPE - Keeping the concept of Sustainable Forest Management fit for the future" will be finalized and signed by the ministers responsible for pan-European forest policy at the October meeting.

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