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Unión de Selvicultores del Sur de Europa


USSE participates in the workshop of the Forest Europe process in Brussels

28 / 05 / 2018

Representatives of USSE (Union of Southern European Foresters) will participate tomorrow in the workshop of the Forest Europe process, also known as the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, held in Brussels. 

Under the slogan 'Improving the long-term competitiveness of the forest sector in a 'Green Economy': Policies for a forest-based bioeconomy in Europe', at this meeting, which USSE helped organize, authorities, researchers and companies from across the pan-European region will discuss how to generate economic growth from sustainable and efficient use of natural resources and will seek effective policy measures to improve the competitiveness of the sector at international, national and regional levels. Among the authorities present at the event will be Luis Elizondo, permanent representative of the Basque Government in Brussels.

The workshop will be divided into three sessions: The first will analyse the recent and future development of the forestry sector, its products and its role in the transition towards a 'green economy'. In the second, the preconditions for the development of bio-economy strategies and policies will be discussed and during the final session the barriers and policy tools to improve the competitiveness of the forest sector in the long term will be discussed.

The high level political initiative Forest Europe promotes forest protection and sustainable forest management at the pan-European level, with the aim of promoting and maintaining the multiple economic, environmental and social functions provided by our forests.

Civil Dialogue Group on forestry and cork (CDG)

In addition, on Friday 1 June USSE will participate in the Civil Dialogue Group on forestry and cork (CDG), a group in which representatives of the forestry sector interact with the European Commission on various forest policy issues within the European Union and related issues such as forestry and cork. In order to prepare and coordinate their intervention, USSE and several forest owners' organisations (CEPF, COPA and COGECA, ELO) will meet the day before, 31 May.

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