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Unión de Selvicultores del Sur de Europa


USSE highlights the role of sustainable forest management for decarbonization in the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa

17 / 06 / 2024

USSE recently presented a paper at the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa with forests and forestry in Europe as the thematic background. After a geopolitical contextualization whose protagonist was climate change and its consequences, the group, represented by Edurne Lacalle, stressed the great opportunity that the forests of Gipuzkoa and the forestry sector have to contribute to the decarbonization of society.

In order to achieve this objective, the USSE highlighted the fundamental role of sustainable and multifunctional forest management of forests and the functions of forests as a sink and CO2 storage and substitution of wood as a renewable biological material that does not compete with food. All this always within the limits of sustainability, maintaining a holistic view of forests and, at the same time, paying special attention to the balance betw their environmental, economic and social functions.

Watch video of the presentation

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