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Specialists deepen and debate in San Sebastian about fire and forest fires

14 / 07 / 2023

The course "Forest Fires: How to face them",  organized by USSE and Basoa Fundazioa -within the summer courses of the UPV-EHU Uda Ikastaroak- has brought together in San Sebastian, specialists from fields such as university education, research, public fire fighting services and technicians from private companies.

During two academic days, the participants have learned first-hand about aspects related to the use and knowledge of fire, as well as the challenges that specialists have to face in order to fight forest fires, which are becoming more and more virulent as a result of climate change and the abandonment of the forest, which increases the fuel load for fire.

New tools available to professionals for fire prevention and monitoring have been studied, such as the use of satellites, Big Data and artificial intelligence to predict future scenarios.

Emphasis has also been placed on the importance of educating society and on the need for citizens to understand that it is necessary to intervene in forests, carrying out sustainable forest management if we want to implement an adequate fire prevention.

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