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Unión de Selvicultores del Sur de Europa


Second MAG Meeting of the SINCERE project

17 / 05 / 2019

In its 2nd MAG meeting, the Sincere project brings together actors from the forestry sector and other interested parties to talk about compensation for ecosystem services in Bizkaia.

On 16 May, the second meeting of the multistakeholder group (MAG meeting) took place, which makes up the forum where the debates on the SINCERE project, a Horizon 2020 project of which the DIputación Foral de Bizkaia is a partner, take place.

In this second meeting, in which 20 agents from different fields such as the forestry sector, teaching and research or the environment took part.

The discussion focused mainly on the two ecosystem services that it has been decided to implement: water and recreational use of the landscape. The participants agreed on the importance of carrying out a pilot project to implement these two services and thus see which compensation mechanisms are most appropriate for each of them. 

In spite of finding different positions among the participants, these meetings are favouring a relaxed and constructive dialogue that will allow the development of the project in Bizkaia in such a way that the agents that may be affected may be involved from the beginning of the project.

The next steps are to start working on the pilot project and reconvene another MAG meeting by the end of this year.


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