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Open session of COSE's general assembly with the presence of the USSE

19 / 04 / 2023

The Confederation of Spanish Forestry Owners (COSE) recently held an open session of its general assembly in which USSE was invited to review the most important issues currently being discussed in Brussels concerning the forestry sector. It was a meeting and exchange of views between the different Spanish forest owners' organizations that make up the COSE.

The USSE was represented at this meeting by its general director, Leire Salaberria, and the international forestry policy advisor Edurne Lacalle. According to Leire Salaberria, "the meeting highlighted the need to cooperate and collaborate between both organizations so that the voice of the owners is one, at the local, regional, national and international levels".

This collaboration is even more necessary considering that the Spanish presidency of the EU begins in June of this year and it will be important that all agents in the sector row in the same direction given the importance of the dossiers affecting forestry policy that are currently on the table in Brussels: the law on nature restoration, the regulation on the voluntary framework for carbon certification, framework for monitoring and EU forestry reports, to name just a few.

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