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Forest Extension Network-FOREXT meeting in Lugo with the presence of USSE

15 / 12 / 2023

The Forest Extension Network (FOREXT) organized a meeting between November 7 and 9 at the Campus Terra of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In its first session, the network addressed various issues related to its operation. Thus, the annual work plan, the annual budget and membership fee, changes in the Memorandum of Understanding or the network affiliation contract, ongoing projects and the acceptance of new members were discussed.  The appointment of a new general manager, Radek Rinn, responsible for strategy, development and international relations at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, was also discussed.

During the following sessions, work was done on a proposal "FORADVISE" on the development of a forestry advisory network in the EU that FOREXT wants to submit to the HORIZON-CL6- 2024 - Governance-01-12: Developing EU advisory networks on Forestry.

On November 9, a double field visit was organized. The first one was to a communal forest in Friol (Lugo), where pine trees are planted, animals are raised and grazed in these pine forests, helping to prevent forest fires and mushrooms are collected, generating complementary income. The second went to a forestry company that produces high quality wood to obtain complementary income from animal breeding and grazing.

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