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Unión de Selvicultores del Sur de Europa


Euroregion Projects

22 / 10 / 2020

USSE gets funds from the Euroregion projects.

The project, entitled "Creation of a multilingual school module on forest bioeconomy to promote the connection and competence of young people in the Euroregion" and with the acronym KEBBE (Connect! Knowing the Forest Bioeconomy of the Euroregion) has as partners the IEFC (European Institute of Cultivated Forest), FORESNA-ZURGAIA (Forestry Association of Navarre), the three Associations of Foresters of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (AFA - Alava-, AFB - Bizkaia-, GEBE - Gipuzkoa-.) and USSE, which coordinates the project.

The project will seek to train primary and secondary school pupils in the Euroregion and to promote territorial cooperation using forest bio-economy as a theme, an axis of European development and a fundamental theme for the socio-economic and environmental future of the Euroregion.


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